v i t t t o r i a

Hello, my name is Victoria Ganem and I am Founder and Creative Director at v i t t t o r i a. I would like to be able to get a little closer to you that you are reading this explaining where v i t t t o r i a comes from and why my passion for fashion.

For much of my life I have been very much into empowering me through fashion, feeling confident when I look good for me, and trying to educate me on how I consume and buy fashion products. Fashion is a way to escape and connect with myself. I've been working in this project for a long time.

 I love being comfortable in my day to day and at the same time super stylish. That is why the idea and the opportunity to launch v i t t t o r i a came up. We offer exclusive luxury leather essentials in a special way to keep it sustainable.

We are a slow fashion gang and want to spread confidence and empowerment to its community. Designed and manufactured in Colombia.



v i t t t o r i a has always had a very defined profile, a modern woman with class, of natural elegance, sure of herself and empowered of her life. 

A woman who prints character and personality, who knows what she wants and bets to reach all her goals dress comfortably and stylish.

An empowered woman full of life and goals. 



We offer sustainable handmade luxury leather essentials and exclusive products created with the best production process to slow down the pollution caused by fashion.